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Applicable state disclosure regulations require the following licenses to be disclosed and are provided as public information for consumer's knowledge and information.
  • ARC Funding, Inc.: Equal Housing Lender; Equal Opportunity
  • Employer; Alabama Consumer Loans Licensee (#M4384)
  • Arizona Mortgage Banker Licensee (#BK0903250)
  • California Real Estate Broker (#01242013); California Department of Real Estate (916) 227-0931
  • Connecticut First Mortgage Lender/Broker Licensee (#9113); Connecticut Second Mortgage Lender/Broker License (#9114)
  • Florida Mortgage Lender (#ML0300370)
  • Hawaii Mortgage Broker (#MB-673)
  • Idaho Mortgage Banker (#2188)
  • Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee (#06010), By the Office of Banks and Real Estate, Mortgage Banking Division, 310 South Michigan Ave., Suite 2130, Chicago, IL 60604-4278, (312) 793-3000
  • Maine Supervised Lender (#SLM5627)
  • Maryland Mortgage Lender (#06-6612)
  • Michigan Mortgage Broker & Lender (#FL2355); Michigan Second Mortgage Broker and Lender (#SR0829)
  • Minnesota Residential Mortgage Originator (#MO20271390)
  • Nevada Mortgage Broker (#03346)
  • New Mexico Mortgage Loan Company/Broker (#00791)
  • North Carolina Mortgage Broker (#B-115419)
  • Oregon Mortgage Lender (#ML-2133)
  • Pennsylvania First Mortgage Banker (#1698); Pennsylvania Second Mortgage Lender (#1982)
  • South Carolina Mortgage Loan Broker (#00220-002M)
  • Utah Mortgage Lender Entity (#ME00060897)
  • Virginia Mortgage Lender and Broker (#MLB-691)
  • Washington Consumer Loan Licensee (#16845)
  • Wisconsin Mortgage Broker (#9227)
  • Wyoming Supervised Lender (#SL1539)
In addition, ARC Funding, Inc. is approved to conduct business in the following states which do not require licensing disclosures:
  • Arkansas
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
Branches of ARC Funding, Inc. are individually operated and may not be licensed to transact in all states herein cited. Please consult with your branch representative(s) for related licensing information.

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