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Three Ways to Realize your Dreams


Buying Your Castle

This site is designed to give you an overview of the house buying process. You will get a sense of what to expect, the order of events, who the players are, what different terms are used, and generally feel more in control of what can be an overwhelming process. The site also covers selling your current house if you own it, refinancing, and many other aspects of real estate. We do not pretend, however to teach you how to buy a house on your own. The nuts and bolts of the real estate business, such as how to actually find a house or how to negotiate with the seller, are not covered. Real estate professionals spend years perfecting their skills in these areas and we recommend using their services. We use the services of real estate agents for every transaction of our own, and conversely we arrange financing for real estate agents' own properties. Also, we are not pretending to teach a course on economics or explain the market forces driving economic change, though we are acknowledging their existence and impact on the house buying process.

This guide will get you going in the right direction, aid you in choosing and evaluating the professionals you hire to help you, and keep you seeing the big picture that is driving all the nitty-gritty details you will be going through. Remember that this is an involved process. Have patience with yourself in attempting to understand the specific details and how they all fit together. Refer back to the above map and keep the overview in mind.

Everything has been written primarily from our experience in the Northern California market, but we have tried to keep a general United States perspective in mind. The regional differences should be more in the detail than the big picture. Please share your experience of these differences with us so that we may make this site more complete.

Enjoy the experience and please let us know what you think.

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