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Three Ways to Realize your Dreams


Alternative Financing

Get cash from all sorts of sources you may not have thought about! Other possibilities which you need to know about but that we do not handle: Cash flow is the name of the game. If you are or will be receiving (a) payment(s) over time from a secure source, and need some cash now, we can help you. Or, if you have a major asset that is worth more than the money you need to borrow, we can help you.

Talk to your bank first. Then, come to us...

If you can qualify for a traditional bank business loan or line of credit, that will usually be the least expensive option. However, banks are rather conservative and have a very limited range within which they operate. There is a whole world of credit instruments that are available for those of us who don't fit the bank criteria, so look beyond the initial rejection! Keep asking, keep thinking - if it makes sense, there is a way to put it together.

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