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Three Ways to Realize your Dreams


About Us

The Dream Home Loan Team structures many types of real estate financing, including loans for:

  • First time and experienced buyers
  • Self employed borrowers
  • Borrowers with credit problems
  • Single family homes
  • Condominiums/Townhouses
  • Vacation homes
  • Investment properties/apartments
  • Mixed use/commercial buildings
  • Tenants-in-Common purchases
  • Properties in probate or foreclosure
  • Refinancing

How we Can Help You

First and foremost, we listen to you learn your personal concerns, expectations and financial situation. Only then can we analyze your position within the context of the current market and implement the best approach and financing opportunities. If you wonder whether the time is right for this step, We invite you to have a conversation so that we can take a look at your true possibilities.

Our job is to enhance your status as a borrower and to simplify this bewildering process for you.

Thinking of Buying a New Home?

This is one of life's biggest decisions. Right up there with marriage, children, and career. And this one is often beset by the complexities of dealing with a baffling financial system and mazes of paperwork. It can intimidate even the most undaunted home buyer!

Getting the right mortgage at the right price requires more than a roadmap and good intentions. It requires a navigator. Some one who has been there and done that. Many times - for every kind of financial situation.

If you are in the market to buy real estate - either for the first time or for the 40th time, we are committed to giving you the power to achieve your dreams.

You're In Charge

We work directly for you, the borrower -- not for the lender. Not through presumptions or canned formulas - just total dedication to your goals and financial security.

We know how the financial system works, why certain guidelines are in place, and how to navigate through the maze. We clarify this process for you, and find alternative paths for you when necessary.

Learning Your True Borrowing Power

There is no great mystery to all of this. We believe in clarifying the real estate buying and loan processes to enable you to take greater control of one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Mortgage markets and loan guidelines are complex and can change daily. We'll see that you anticipate and fully understand each of the steps in financing your new home.

We have helped all kinds of borrowers - including those who are self employed or have experienced credit problems. Your credit history may not reflect your true ability to obtain a mortgage loan. Instead of locking yourself into your bank's products and services, we will enable you to amplify you strengths as a borrower.

Smart, Cost Efficient and Strong

Employ our knowledge of mortgage markets to find the best lender, combine lenders, and take advantage of the most responsive pricing. This gives you a mortgage with adjustable or fixed interest rates, outstanding service and payment terms that save you money. The benefit of using a broker is that it will ultimately cost you less than going to a bank. Not only does he have greater flexibility, but he is highly motivated to close your loan. As an additional benefit, you pay no application fees.

A Capable Team at Your Service

Every loan is different and needs special attention. Our professional staff monitors your loan package closely as it goes through each step of the application process. They keep abreast of intricate loan program guidelines, research new loan programs, help you collect documents, and are always available to answer your questions.

They make sure your loan application tells the right story and contains the proper documents, without raising unnecessary questions or causing troublesome delays.

The team stays in touch with you after you buy your home, keeping you informed of any new financing opportunities that can save you money.

ARC Funding, Inc.

ARC Funding, Inc. is one of California's largest mortgage companies. Its financial clout has enabled it to fund thousands of loans per year and obtain preferential service from lenders.

The Money Healer

The Dream Home Loan Team also provides service and attention to you and your lending needs long after your original mortgage has been obtained. We regularly follow up on your loan, making sure that you have the best possible mortgage available for your property as time passes. We remove the mystery from real estate loans and show you how changing your financial patterns will give you greater long-term security and comfort.

These abilities have made us top-producing and award winning loan consultants. People who have done business with us remain clients for life - and they recommend us enthusiastically to their friends.

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